Hyax review

Every creator, blogger and entrepreneur shares a lot of content with their audience. They all want to educate their audience and help them properly. With that in mind, you can easily package all your knowledge and expertise in the form of a course or an ebook. Sharing that can help your audience quite a bit, and it can also help you monetize your work. So, if you want to create a digital storefront where you sell all these things, and Hyax can be the right solution for you.


What is Hyax?
At its core, Hyax is designed from the ground up to help creators and entrepreneurs to sell memberships, courses, digital products and many others in the online world. The great thing here is that you can use Hyax for free until you publish digital assets. That means you can get used to the format they have, the interface, dashboard and everything else before you decide to sell any of your digital goods. Which is great, because it conveys a lot of value and more support for the user, without making things too overwhelming.


What type of products can you sell on Hyax?
Hyax is a All in one platform. That means it allows you to sell pretty much any type of digital goods that you may want. They let you build landing pages, sell digital products, you can even create your own ecommerce store if you want. They also allow you to build and sell online courses, not to mention you can set up payment options and create membership websites. Basically, if you want to monetize your audience and offer them even more features and benefits, this is the right way to do it, and the potential can be second to none.

What we like about Hyax is that you can easily manage all your portfolio. You have the backend that gives you access to all features, including the ability to start any sales on your products if you want. Simply put, Hyax combines Shopify, LeadPages and Teachable in a single solution, while keeping the costs a lot lower than you might imagine. It helps immensely, and it conveys that sense of value and quality you are interested in.


Creating digital products
They make it very easy to create a digital product. All you have to do is to navigate to Products/Simple Products/Create New Product. Then you can enter the product title, and then you can choose if you want it to be a regular product, variant product or multi-variant product. You can set up the pricing for that product and upload it. You can publish it right away, and it will be on the store. The multi-variant or variant options are suitable for selling digital and also physical products if you want.


Using the course builder
In our case, the Hyax platform’s course builder is one of the best features about it. You can name your course, add the description and relevant images right from the start. You can also add the pricing information, and then you go to the Course Lessons tab and there you can add the content to your course. Ideally you want to split the course content into lessons and sections. Every section is basically a module that has its own quizzes and individual lessons. 


Creating a landing page with Hyax
If you want to generate more sales and also educate your audience about the benefits of a product, then a landing page is pretty much mandatory. Hyax has its own landing page builder. You must go to the Dashboard, choose the Marketing/ Funnels and Landing Pages option, and there you need to choose if you want to create a single page, sell products or collect emails. Normally you need to use Sell Products and then you can select one of the templates.

Their templates are mobile-responsive, so they will offer a native browsing experience on mobile and desktop as well. Each one of the templates differs, and it can be used at very specific funnel stages. It’s a good idea to check them, see what they are used for, and then you can start customizing.

What we like about Hyax is that you can easily customize any template and make it your own. It helps quite a bit, and you will find that it delivers the efficiency, value and quality you want. The best part here is that you’re not limited in any way. The platform offers full creative control, thus allowing it to change the template in any way you want. Of course, that means you need to find the right tools and features, but if you do it right, the potential can be great, and that’s the thing you want to pursue the most.


Create an online store with Hyax
This is very similar to the other options, you select the feature to create an online store, and you can choose one of the many predefined designs they provide here. Each design is for a specific type of shop, and you will find them to be very well done, visually enticing and certainly a pleasure to use. Once you have the design ready, you can establish a variety of different variations for your store and then customize it to fit the brand visuals and identity.

What we like about Hyax is that once you create an online store, they add all the digital products you already prepared. So you don’t have to import anything and spend additional time on those features. It’s just simpler and easier to do, while still offering you the features you need. Aside from that, Hyax also delivers order management, analytics and membership websites. These are self-explanatory, and you will find everything to work seamlessly and in a very powerful manner. 


Ease of use
Hyax doesn’t require any type of coding knowledge to use it properly. Everything you do here, from creating storefronts to landing pages and courses is based on visuals, drag and drop or editing existing templates. If you lack any coding knowledge, then Hyax is ideal for you, since you don’t need to hire an expert that costs thousands just to create and customize your website. You can do that on your own. 

They do have a dark UI approach which is a bit strange, but overall we found it to work flawlessly and without any issues. The interface can be very complex, and the dashboard itself is full of features. Yes, this will take a bit to get used to, but they do give you access to everything you need, and the features are added in without a problem. The process is very consistent and simple, and they do a very good job at eliminating any problems. They also have a few demo videos to help you get started. So yes, it does take a bit of getting used to, but it’s not hard to learn, and most people will become accustomed to this platform very quickly.


Hyax pricing
Hyax is free to use until you publish something. Once you want to publish content and start selling, you have to pay $49 per month for Basic, $99 per month for Advanced, and they also have a custom quote system for companies. The Advanced option gives you no branding, so you can fully customize on your own, and there are no pageview limits. They also allow you to work on up to 6 projects instead of 3, and you can have up to 40 courses or products instead of 10. 

As a whole, these packages are fairly priced. Most of the time you want to go with the Basic option first, just to make sure that you do everything right and learn how the platform works. You can easily switch to the Advanced option the next month if you want, you have the option for that.


Customer support
Based on our experience, the Hyax documentation is very good, so you don’t really have to get in touch with customer support most of the time. The documentation will solve most issues. With that in mind, Hyax does have an email system, however they lack live chat, which would be a lot better. This is not available for the time being, but we hope it will be in the future once the platform expands and reaches more people. Even without live chat, their support team will solve your inquiries via email pretty fast anyway.


We like Hyax a lot because it delivers a simple way to build online authority and expand your online business. It has a lot of features and tools that would cost a lot more to use separately. Yes, it takes a bit to get used to all the features, but adding new products and courses is a breeze, and you can easily play around with it before you pay any money. That helps a lot, and it certainly makes the customer experience better. With that in mind, Hyax also improves all the time, since they have frequent updates. It’s well worth a try, and it can become your new way of making some extra income online!